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This page includes a partial client listing of entities and organizations that have used our documentary filmaking and cinematography services:

ABC News - Good Morning America

American Prairie Foundation

American Wildlands

Animal Planet

Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge

CNN - Broken Government with Miles O'brien

Defenders of Wildlife

Discovery Channel

Disney Worldwide Productions

Focus Earth with Bob Woodruff

Horizon Entertainment

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks

National Geographic Television & Film

National Park Service

Pioneer Productions

Planet Green

Prairie Dog Coalition

Public Broadcasting Service

Travel Channel with Jeff Corwin

Turner Broadcasting System

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services

VideoTakes, Inc.

Weather Channel

Wild Chronicles

World Wildlife Fund

We live in the Yellowstone Ecosystem and naturally our cinematography reflects that. Our footage emphasizes the Northern Great Plains and the beautifully unique ecosystem of the prairie. We film only wild animals in their natural ecosystem.

We are located in Bozeman Montana, which is within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Bozeman, a town of approximately 33,000 people, is home to Montana State University and is a focal center for environmental organizations in the Northwestern U.S.