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We specialize in documentary filmmaking for conservation and wildlife projects.

We have an expansive inventory of stock HD footage including following:

badgers - bald eagles - bighorn sheep - bison

black bears (cubs) - black-footed ferrets (den cam) - coyote (pups)

elk - golden eagles - grizzly bears - mule deer

palid sturgeon (underwater) - prairie dogs (den cam) - pronghorn

rattle snakes - red fox - sage grouse (dancing) - sharptail grouse (dancing)

swift fox (pups and den cam) - whitetail deer - wolves

scenic and time-lapse

Our primary work encompasses the Northern Great Plains ecosystem and the Northern Rocky Mountains.

Wild Guardian focuses on capturing high definition cinematrography of wildlife in their natural habitat and natural landscapes. We strive to capture the unique behaviors and attributes of the animal species and landscape locations. Our ideal location in Bozeman Montana allows us easy access to the Northern Great Plains, Northern Rocky Mountain, and Greater Yellowstone ecosystems.

We are located in Bozeman Montana, which is within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Bozeman, a town of 35,000 people, is home to Montana State University and is a focal center for environmental organizations in the Northwestern U.S.